Sperm Donation

In the field of human reproduction sperm donation is one of the oldest treatments

There is a wrong opinion that infertility affects mostly women. Men have problems in reproductive function, severe hereditary diseases almost in 50% of childless families.

In addition, this method is a great chance for a single woman to give her child a mother's love. The main objective of the program of sperm donation is the long-awaited birth of a healthy baby!

When a sperm donation should be used?

The experts recommend to apply to sperm donation in such cases:

- absence of sperm in a man - husband (azoospermia);

- unfavorable genetic prognosis (chance of transmission of genetic diseases to the child);

- severe infections in a man - husband;

- presence of ejaculatory-sexual disorders;

- deterioration in the quality of sperm;

- refusal of the couples to conduct IVF and ICSI.

Sperm donation program means to carry out IVF using donor material. In other words, the fertilization is carried out with donor sperm instead of a man’s – husband’s sperm.

Who can be a sperm donor?

According to all rules, the anonymous sperm donor is a person with no external physical abnormalities, with an excellent state of health. Age of men-donors is 20-40 years. All of them are required to undergo medical, urological, laboratory and genetic testing. A psychiatric consultation is also a prerequisite. In addition to anonymous donors, donor material of friends and family couples can be successfully used. The requirements for the health of donors do not differ from the requirements for anonymous.

In the future, to conduct of the IVF program, they may use only frozen (thawed) donor’s sperm, and only after receiving repeated (six months after the date of sperm delivery) negative test results for hepatitis, syphilis and HIV.

The main objective of the program of donor sperm is the birth of a healthy and long-awaited baby! Despite the fact that the child is genetically native only to the baby’s mother, the man (husband) will certainly fall in love with their long-awaited child from the first minute of his life. The most important thing is to become a real dad for him!


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