We care about the future of your family and have specially developed a number of treatment of infertility packages that are sure to satisfy all your needs

GIFT OF LIFE provides conduct of IVF and ICSI in one of our clinics using donor programs. It should be noted that the package includes a basic set of medication needed for the treatment. The package price is $ 4500. This package includes:

- preliminary consultation of the reproduction doctor via skype and e-mail, and later directly at the personal reception;

- detailed analysis of the problems of the couples, the study of the results of previous surveys and analyzes;

- selection of donor material;

- basic set of drugs for stimulation;

- monitoring of the donor, the donor stimulation and egg retrieval;

- set of vitrified donor eggs or egg donation program in a fresh cycle;

- conducting of ICSI (intraplasmic introduction of a single sperm);

- cultivation of ova and embryos;

- the transfer of the embryo into the uterus.

Each client has the opportunity to order additional services that are not included into the package: transfers, hotel accommodation, food, relaxation treatments, ticket booking, and others.

Treatment of infertility in Ukraine

Over the years, our company helps infertile couples to gain long-awaited happiness. We offer our patients the opportunity of treatment in Ukraine, even the most hopeless cases of infertility. After spending a vacation in the scenic mountains of the Carpathians, the international resort of Truskavets, clients of our company receive high quality vacation and a real chance for the birth of the desired child.

As it is known, the cost of treating infertility in European countries is high. The treatment in Ukrainian clinics as well as in comfortable sanatoria of Truskavets is readily available to all categories of the patients.

Our company offers its clients the treatment of infertility in the best clinics in western Ukraine, and special programs of stay in comfortable sanatoriums and hotels. Personal service ensures optimal selection of treatment programs and accommodation in Truskavets, depending on the needs and possibilities of the client.


We are pleased to offer our support and will render all required services to accomplish the desired results.