What is ICSI?

ICSI –is one of the modern methods of artificial fertilization. In English - Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection. What does it mean, to who the procedure is recommended, and how the process of "injection" goes – we will try to explain.

So, ICSI is used, usually in male infertility, when the abnormality of sperm is detected (e.g., decreased sperm number or inability of their penetration into the egg). The method itself is as follows: preselected viable sperm is introduced in the female egg (oocyte) with the help of special tools.

ICSI is a part of the IVF program

If we talk about the stages of ICSI, they are not much different from the stages of IVF (in preparation of the sperm, stimulation of ovulation, the follicle puncture). But as for the fertilization procedure, there are some features. If IVFspecialists place the egg and sperm in a test tube, and the process of fertilization occurs itself, at ICSIa single sperm is selected using a special microscope and introduced it into the egg with the special medical instrument. In the future, the fertilized egg is transferred into the uterus of the future mother. Pregnancy is the most common method, such as natural conception.

ICSI procedure is successfully used for the past two decades. During this time, millions of couples have experienced the joy of motherhood and fatherhood. Application of this method makes it possible to avoid conception with the donor sperm. However, before using the method of ICSI, men need to pass a set of genetic research. Quite often the male seed pathology is directly connected with genetic disorders that most likely can be transmitted to the child.

Dear future parents! It is argued that the "children from the tubes," are different from babies conceived naturally. It's not like that at all. Children conceived using IVF and ICSI techniques, are developing no less successfully than the "usual" ones.

Unfortunately, the methods of artificial fertilization IVF and ICSI do not always bring the desired result. Do not despair, be patient, believe in success! It will take a little time and you will hear the long-awaited first baby’s cry...


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