Female infertility

Worldwide, more than 15% of couples faced with infertility.

ТSuch diagnosis is given to the couples who live more than a year of regular sexual life without contraception, and pregnancy does not occur. In half of the cases, child's birth does not occur due to violations of women's reproductive functions.

Types of female infertility

The absolute sterilityeliminates the possibility of conceiving a child in connection with the anomalies of the female reproductive system and the availability of irreversible anatomical changes (lack of ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and severe malformations of sexual organs).

A relative infertilityе implies the possibility of the medical intervention and achievement of a positive result - conceiving a healthy baby.

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Female infertility, compared with male, is more diverse. This is due to the complex structure of the female reproductive system.

Female infertility can be the primary and secondary

The primary infertility means that a woman who led a regular sex life, never become pregnant.

The secondary infertility implies that woman had one or more pregnancies in the past.

In the literature, there is a classification of female infertility due to violation of the reproductive function:

  • Tubal infertility

    It means the absence or obstruction of uterine or fallopian tubes. The most common obstruction occurs due to the formation of adhesions, which could be the result of inflammation, abortion, injuries, gynecological surgeries or complicated birth.
  • Endocrine (hormone) infertility

    One of the most common types of infertility that arises as a result of diseases of the hormonal system. In case of the endocrine (hormone) infertility in women, the formation of mature eggs is violated. Their absence means the absence of ovulation, which excludes the possibility of conception.
  • Infertility associated with gynecological diseases

    Various gynecological pathologies may also cause infertility, but, as a rule, after proper treatment, fertility is restored.
  • Immunologic Infertility

    One of the unclear causes of infertility is formation of sperm antibodies in the cervical mucus, which lead to the destruction of sperm. In the treatment of immunological infertility using the ICSI method of in vitro fertilization, when a sperm is injected directly into the uterus without contact with mucous.
  • Psychological Infertility

    Problems with conceiving a child is not always related to the physical condition of the body. In some cases psychological factors are traced which affect reproductive function. Stressful situations, anxiety, depression, negative emotions can reduce or eliminate the possibility of conceiving a child. For the treatment of psychological infertility, there are special programs of relaxation and normalization of the psychological condition of a woman.
  • Idiopathic (unclear) infertility

    There are cases when a couple is unsuccessfully trying to conceive a child for a long period, but the pregnancy does not occur. Careful examination of men and women does not reveal abnormalities in the reproductive function. In such cases, "idiopathic (unclear) infertility" is diagnosed. Of course, there are many other negative factors that can take away the joy of motherhood. However, all of them is not a reason to give up.

Of course, there are many other negative factors that can take away the joy of motherhood. However, all of them is not a reason to give up.

Nowadays infertility is not a sentence!

The modern medicine successfully practices the assistive methods of reproduction: IVF, ICSI, PIXI. Remember that timely diagnosis and proper treatment of infertility will necessarily give you the joy of motherhood!


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