Embryo donation

Over the past few decades, medicine has made a significant step in the field of human reproduction, in particular, the treatment of infertility.

Today, there are a number of techniques and methods of treatment of infertility, but it happens, that the only way to have a baby is to use the donor material. The sperm and egg donation programs are effective only in cases of a violation of the reproductive function of one of the spouses..

And what to do if an absolute infertility affects both husband and wife?

With this diagnosis, specialists apply to embryo donation program. Of course, only if the woman's body is able to make a healthy baby. The main purpose of the donation of embryos - to help infertile couples to find a long-awaited child. In addition, this method helps single women with problems of the reproductive system to experience the joy of motherhood.

When experts recommend to apply to embryo donation program

Embryo donation should be used in cases where a woman cannot provide a matured eggs (oocytes) or when they are absent (for example, menopause or premature ovarian failure). At the same time, the sperm of her man (husband) has a very low quality, which, in turn, does not allow getting the fertilized egg, even during ICSI. The repeated and futile conduct of ICSI is one of the reasons for the use of embryo donation.

How to receive donor embryos

Donated embryos obtained by fertilization of the donor egg with the donor sperm. In addition, embryos donor may be couples who previously underwent IVF and voluntarily agreed to the use of their donor material to help other couples.

How does the procedure, using donor embryos go?

In general, embryo donation program is to perform IVF using donor material (in our case - donor embryos) with the further movement of the embryos in the uterus of the woman. As a rule, up to three embryos are transferred having a good chance to get fixed and continue its development. In some cases, for the purpose of pregnancy the doctors perform "a preparatory work" - taking medication course.

Future moms and dads! Remember that the main purpose of the donation of embryos is to help infertile couples to find a long-awaited baby.


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