Egg donation

One of the methods of treatment of "absolute infertility" in women is treatment with the help of egg donation.

This treatment applies to patients who do not have their own eggs or egg obtained belong to the group of very low quality and cannot lead a normal pregnancy. In such cases, oocyte donation is the only hope for pregnancy.

Experts in the field of human reproduction recommend to apply to oocyte donation in the following cases as well:

- poor response to ovarian stimulation process;

- at repeated IVF procedure the eggs of poor quality were received, which in turn, makes it impossible to obtain good embryos;

- high probability of transmission of hereditary diseases to the child;

- multiple failed IVF with unknown causes, combined with age-based indicators (women older than 39 years);

- individual performance of the body (such as contraindications for ovarian stimulation, complicated by ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, repetitive hyperproliferative processes in the uterus, etc.).

Donor egg program is, in fact, IVF (in vitro fertilization), only women donor egg is used instead of the cell material. Donor program includes a set of procedures, which takes place in several stages

First stage

It is the synchronization of menstrual cycles of the donor and the patient using a hormonal medication.

Second stage

It involves stimulating of ovulation in donor women using drugs.

Third stage

The eggs is obtained with carrying out a puncture of the ovaries and fertilization of eggs obtained with the man sperm.

Final stage

- transfer of embryos into the uterus of the future mother.

If a woman chooses a donor in FEB base, she does not pass a synchronization stage, and immediately proceeds to the stage of fertilization of a selected set of eggs with a husband’s or donor’s sperm and preparation for an embryo transfer.

Who are our donors?

Our company is guided by principles of the modern European medicine. All donors with whom we work belong to First EGG Bank — European organization that is professionally engaged in this area of health care. EGG catalog includes more than 200 freely available donors with different phenotypes and can meet the needs of the most demanding customer.

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For treatment of infertility using donor oocytes, couples have to overcome difficult psychological barrier. This is due to the fact that when a child is conceived with this method, it is genetically native only to the husband. But if you and your soulmate genuinely want to have a child, you will never be able to call him a stranger.


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