The probability of pregnancy in women undergoing treatment at our medical centers is more than 48%. This figure corresponds to the level of the leading European clinics.

All this is the result of dedicated work by a qualified medical staff, the use of the modern medical equipment, high-quality medicines and drugs, skillful psychological support for the patients.

By choosing us, you are in one step closer to your dream!

As it is known, the treatment in a foreign country involves a number of inconveniences. Realizing this, we have developed a number of proposals for an effective and comfortable treatment in Ukraine, which will satisfy all requirements. Having a vast experience in the field of medical tourism, we do everything possible to make your stay in Ukraine help to achieve the desired result. We undertake all efforts connected with the arrival in Ukraine, the selection of clinics and hotels, transport and paperwork.

The benefits of the treatment of infertility in Ukraine

Treatment of infertility is carried out in our clinics with modern assistive technology (MAT). Highly qualified specialists successfully use IVF, ICSI, IMSI, laser hatching, and donor programs with individual selection of donor material. The cost of such procedures, compared with US and European hospitals, is much lower, but the quality is the same.

Believe in miracles, because IVF is an ordinary miracle!


We are pleased to offer our support and will render all required services to accomplish the desired results.